Web Applications

Web applications can allow multiple users to access data held in one place by means of a secure log-in. For example, a firm of solicitors may keep all client files electronically on a secure server but give selected clients access to some of it on their own computer screens via the Internet. Or a company with multiple locations may hold information on each centrally, but give their managers access by signing in remotely to the server.

Applications like this can speed up access time leading to less time spent accessing queries and greater customer service, plus less storage space as single electronic copies of files can be kept, rather than multiple versions.

What Our Clients Say

“The installation proceeded without fault and we received nothing short of excellent support throughout...I would recommend P&L Networks unreservedly”
Peter Watson, Head of Litigation,
Levy & McRae

Business Software Case Study

Read the following Software Case Study on how P&L Software Solutions have developed a web portal for Levy & McRae, a successful firm of Glasgow solicitors which provides access to client records and a time-recording system.

Levy & McRae
Levy and McRae are a highly successful and well-regarded solicitors' practice in Glasgow.