Bespoke Software Design & Build

We all know that technology should make running a business easier and more efficient. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf software packages and systems don't always deliver what your business needs and compromises usually have to be made. If they don't suit your business you will either have to try and fit your business processes around the package, or get specific “add-on” code written for your particular application. Both routes are fraught with difficulty, can be very costly, rarely work well in practice and just lead to frustration.

The alternative to “off-the-shelf” software is to have a program written specifically to meet your business needsbespoke software. This might seem more expensive, but as it is written for you, the implementation is more straightforward and can better fit in with your normal working practices. So the overall cost to the business can be less than a purchased package.

The benefits are also greater. Often, almost every competitor in an industry has exactly the same software package. But if you have a bespoke system written, then you have a genuine opportunity to gain a significant competitive edge. Also, by tailoring it to your specific needs, you can create the efficient, smooth running business processes that you know you need.

Remember though that good bespoke software is as much about identifying the business problems and opportunities as it is about writing efficient software. That's where P&L Software Solutions excel – we understand the needs of business so can create the systems you need to make your business run smoothly and efficiently. We aim to provide solutions which are intuitive to use, and fit in with business operations.

What Our Clients Say

“P&L listen to our needs and work well with our staff to ensure a solution which works for us. We have confidence in their ability and see them delivering effective, innovative solutions”
Alan Walters, IT Manager, Peel Group

Business Software Case Study

Read the following Software Case Study on how P&L Software Solutions have helped Peel Group develop their operations.

Peel Group Case Study
A large and diverse company with subsidiaries ranging from The Manchester Ship Canal Company to regional airports and the Trafford Centre retail park.