Software Solutions

P&L Software Solutions develop and maintain software to help business processes and systems run smoothly. Things could get done faster, cheaper, easier and more efficiently, saving you money and freeing up capacity for more profitable activity.

It's not about making sure you have the latest technology, it's about helping you run your business better, whether it's databases, spreadsheets or a bespoke system you have for managing the operation.

We are business managers and marketers as well as software engineers, so we understand the needs of business. That means we can develop and manage software applications that suit the needs of your business, rather than simply selling standard packages.

From ecommerce solutions to operations management to databases, we can build, develop and maintain the systems you need, but always from a business perspective.

Our Software Services
  • Bespoke Software Design & Build
    When off-the-shelf packages don't quite do what you want, building a software system specifically for your needs can make a huge difference to your business and give you a competitive edge.
  • Existing Software Maintenance
    We can take over existing systems and maintain them if your existing or previous software company is now unable to do this for you. You don't have to start all over again.
  • Consultancy
    It's not always necessary to build new software applications, sometimes an existing combination of spreadsheets and databases can work fine, with some expert assistance and guidance, which we can provide.
  • Web Applications
    These allow multiple users to access data held in one place by means of a secure log-in. They enable a business to provide regulated access to applications and can provide an excellent solution for remote users to access central information.