Software Advice & Consultancy

Many companies, especially when they are new, create "mini-systems" operating on spreadsheets or packages such as Sage, Excel or other Microsoft Office packages. We can work with you in this process, helping you to improve the quality of the application and saving you time through advice and support.

Then, as a business becomes successful and grows, it can often outgrow these original systems. They can start to become clumsy and difficult to manage. When this happens, we can help you move it to something more suitable such as Microsoft Access, or even re-write the system completely for you.

We will work with you to make sure you get the most out of the system, whether that's a simple enhancement to it or a complete revision.

We can also provide general consultancy if you are planning a major project, such as reviewing your business processes or installing new technology. In these cases we can advise on how software and technology can help make your processes more efficient, or how to get the greatest benefits from the application of technology.

What Our Clients Say

“The system is simple to operate and has run without a hitch for several years now.”
Steve McGraw, Managing Director, Riedel Crystal (UK) Limited

Business Software Case Study

Read the following Software Case Study on how P&L Software Solutions helped Reidel Crystal pull together multiple systems to increase efficiency and save time.

Riedel Case Study
Riedel import glassware, largely from their Austrian parent company, and distribute it to clients in the UK.