IT Network Support Services

We can provide a range of products and services to help your IT systems and business operations run more smoothly.

Mobile Back-ups

Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, netbooks and other such devices are great for allowing you to work remotely and not be tied to the office, but usually they are not linked to your other computers. So if something went wrong with a device such as your laptop, you could lose everything on it. It also restricts what you may be able to access whilst you're out, such as files on your desktop computer.

There are a number of solutions to this, including Safesync from Trend Micro. It works by synchronising everything done on your team's remote devices, seamlessly and automatically in the background.

Safesync for Mobile Data Access from Trend Micro IT Consultancy

With our decades of experience, we've learned a lot about IT support in companies and you can benefit from that knowledge whether or not you have a maintenance contract with us.

Even if you have an existing IT services department or support company, you can use us to help out on specific projects or when you need someone more experienced. For example;

  • Expansion of existing systems
  • Creation of a new system
  • Considering a new technology, e.g. a VoIP telephone system or business continuity.

We'll work with you to ensure new networks or systems are designed and installed efficiently and that you get impartial advice on the equipment and settings you need. Everything from the broadband to email and training, as well as the software and hardware you might need.

Mobile Phones

We are authorised representatives for Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and EE contracts and phones. As a complete IT Support solutions provider, we can assist with all your mobile communication needs. Visit the Mobile Phones and Contracts web page for more details.

Authorised Representatives of Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile & Everything Everywhere Contracts and Phones Remote Off-Site Back-Ups

Backing-up is a vital part of any company's IT operation. Our Remote Back-up Service allows you to use our servers as a remote back-up to supplement your own. This is particularly useful for business continuity or disaster planning purposes as you can ensure that all your business-critical data and applications are held in one central place, away from the scene of any crisis or disasters.

We'll set up a back-up routine that backs-up any information you require, away from your premises in a secure location. In the event of a disaster you can replace your data and be operational again quickly with minimal impact to your business.

The service is especially recommended for critical data, e.g. accounts. If you had a disaster then your vital data would be available for both insurance purposes (so you could provide accurate valuations) and to get you up and running again as soon as possible. Many businesses suffering a catastrophic loss of data or a disaster never manage to restart trading again, and those that do often go out of business. Don't let that happen to you.

For more details on Business Continuity and Disaster Planning read our ITInsight newsletter articles on how to protect yourself.

Server & Application Hosting

If you use a bespoke software application or your systems need a lot of memory capacity, using our servers can free up space on your own and ensures ease of access for any maintenance operations.

In addition, if you're short of space or operate in a virtual environment, let us host your servers. We provide a complete managed service, from sourcing the equipment to setting it up via our IT Installation service and then providing remote back-ups. You'll also benefit from our expertise and premises developed specifically for the purpose.

Staff will always be available during working hours to ensure the maintenance and management of your equipment.

Email Continuity

Email Continuity ensures you can never lose access to your email system, even if all your other IT systems crashed. Email Continuity receives all your emails so that you can still access them, even if your email provider or ISP weren't available.

It also means that you wouldn't have to worry about losing any emails whilst your computer systems were recovered as it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if everything crashed at night or the weekend, you wouldn't have to wait until office hours to activate it - it's instantly available and always on.

Having continuous email communication helps to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster striking your business.