IT Installations and Set-Up

Any IT Installation is a big investment – time and money. Not getting it right could be a very costly and frustrating mistake. One of the secrets is choosing the right partner and supplier.

P&L are that partner. Why? Because of the following;

  • With 20 years experience in providing new IT installations for businesses, we are experts in our field.
  • We source, supply, configure and install only top-quality IT equipment that's fit for purpose.
  • Consultancy and advice is provided upfront to make sure the project is scoped and planned properly.
  • Full project management of the IT installation throughout – you can leave everything in our hands.
  • IT installations will be scheduled at a time to suit you – we want to minimise your downtime.
  • Leasing may also be available for hardware (subject to availability and credit checks).
  • We can also create cloud computing solutions for your organisation and will happily advise on whether a cloud computing or traditional IT set-up is best for your needs. If you want to know more about cloud computing solutions, visit Cloud Computing Services.
IT Installation Projects

P&L Networks can provide a full range of IT Installation projects including;

  • Expansion of existing IT systems.
  • Creation of new IT systems.
  • Installation of computer systems, networks, hardware, software and new equipment.
  • IT Security designed to cover networks as well as email, antispam, antivirus and firewalls for your Internet connections.
  • Creating home and remote access working so you can be more flexible with your employees.
  • Communications including internet, email and mobile solutions development.
  • Implementation of new telephone systems, e.g. Voice over IP (the new way to slash your phone bills using your existing Internet connections) or business continuity.
  • Bespoke Software Development.

We can also provide maintenance contracts on all IT Installations, but we get very few call-outs on our projects – that's because of the quality of the work.

Telephone Systems – VoIP

We can supply and install VoIP based (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone systems from Epygi. VoIP is a generic term to describe using the internet to make phone calls. Because it doesn't use conventional telephony it's much, much cheaper. For example;

  • Free VoIP to VoIP calls, which is excellent for calls from regular customers, and between branch offices and remote workers.
  • UK landline calls at 1.05p per minute as compared to BT at 1.75p per minute, with calls to the US at less than 1p per minute.

Some companies (e.g. will provide free software for making VoIP calls to other VoIP users. However, if you want to use it throughout your organisation and really slash your phone bills, you need the services of an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider).

You can read more about VoIP on the VoIP Telephone Systems page or read about how we created a VoIP system for South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce via our Case Studies page.