Why Use VoIP?

All calls are considered to be local and those within the telephone system are free – regardless of where in the world the caller is. So if you're working from home or at another branch, it's free to make calls to and from your office, whether calling from Australia, America, or just down the road.

VoIP uses the power of computing technology and the Internet so the systems can all be linked together. For example, whilst sat at your computer you could receive voicemail messages via email, host video conferencing, send emails via voice control, and print and send faxes without the need for a second line.

Because it's linked to computers rather than telephone systems, you can have extensions wherever there is a computer without needing a new phone socket. These extensions could even be in offices on the other side of the world if you wished, as they're all connected via one system.

Creating home or remote working is easy as there is no need for people to use their home phone line. All that's needed is an Internet connection and they will have full access to the organisation's phone system.

VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a term used to describe making phone calls over the Internet, rather than via a traditional provider such as BT. It's much cheaper and provides more facilities and services than traditional telephony. Users can expect savings in the cost of calls of up to 25% to 50%, depending on their size and usage.

For example:

  • Free VoIP to VoIP calls, which is excellent for calls from regular customers, and between branch offices and remote workers
  • Calls to the USA at less than 1p per minute
  • UK landline calls at 1.05p per minute as compared to BT at 1.75p per minute.

Some companies (e.g. www.skype.com) will provide free software for making VoIP calls to other VoIP users. However, if you want to use it throughout your organisation and really slash your phone bills, you need the services of an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).

See how South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce benefited from a VoIP system in this Case Study.


What we Provide

If you have Skype at home, then you'll understand the principles of it. Rather than making calls via a landline, you do it via the Internet. But unlike Skype, business systems look and feel exactly like traditional phone systems – you still use a conventional handset and the quality is every bit as good (if not better) and you still get all the benefits of traditional telephone systems such as call forwarding.

There are two basic solutions; your own telephone system (known as a PBX) or share a PBX using cloud computing (called an iPBX). The main differences are the cost of calls and the provision of equipment. Call tariffs are cheaper with your own PBX, but you need to buy and maintain the equipment yourself. Tariffs are more expensive for an iPBX because the handsets and equipment are usually provided as part of the arrangement with the supplier.

A disadvantage of an iPBX over a PBX is a complete reliance on the quality of the Internet connection. Without a good reliable connection, such as a leased line, there is a risk of losing the ability to make any phone calls if there is an Internet problem.

These differences are explained in more detail in the blog posting Different Forms of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

We can supply and install VoIP–based (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone systems from Epygi.

Summary of Benefits

  • Savings of up to 50% in the cost of calls
  • Crisp, clear telephone lines
  • Email and fax capabilities
  • Can be used from home or out of the office
  • Voicemail facility
  • Video conferencing functionality
  • Call forwarding functionality
  • Ability to extend system anywhere in the world
  • Can eliminate the need for second line rental
3 Month Trial

We can also provide a complimentary, no-obligation initial consultation and a 3 month trial so we get to know each other.

Why Choose P&L?

Based in Crewe, Cheshire with our own helpdesk staffed with qualified engineers, we are experts in our field and have been providing computer support and IT network maintenance to businesses and education for over 20 years.

As well as helpdesk support for our offices in Crewe, we can provide engineers for site visits, remote access and an advice service for our customers who can call us up anytime they want to ask anything about their IT networks or communication systems. Support can also be provided for multiple offices UK-wide together with 24/7 cover and holiday cover, if required.

Here are some more reasons why P&L are your complete IT and communication Support company:

  • Email problems and server crashes given an immediate response.
  • 90% of issues are fixed remotely with no need for an engineer's visit.
  • 98% of issues requiring an engineer's visit are fixed on the first visit.
  • Choice of packages from individual computer products to a fully outsourced IT Department.
  • Microsoft Certified Partner.
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