Our Partners

P&L Network & Software Solutions partner only with suppliers of quality IT equipment, a selection of whom are given below. If you wish to visit the company websites, follow the link from the images below.

For an explanation of what the Microsoft Partner status involves, please see Certifications below, right.

Microsoft Silver Server Partner
Visit the Microsoft website

Microsoft – We can help with the purchase, installation and settings of Microsoft server, collaboration and desktop solutions.

Visit the Sage website

Sage – As an authorised Sage dealership we can provide new purchases and upgrades together with training and support.

Visit the Fujitsu website

Fujitsu – Providers of servers, laptops, computers and workstations.

Visit the MDaemon website

MDaemon – Used to provide company-wide email and collaboration systems for SME.

Visit the HP website

HP – Our preferred suppliers for printers.

Visit the Kaspersky website

Kaspersky – We use Kaspersky to provide antivirus protection for servers, workstations, computers and laptops.

Visit the Apple website

Apple – We can provide and support Apple-based system and networks. Full details available at our Apple Support page.

Visit the Symantec website

Symantec – Providers of antivirus and backup solutions for servers, laptops, computers and workstations.

Visit the Novastor website

Novastor – Used for backup solutions for workstations, computers, laptops and servers.

Visit the Epygi website

Epygi – Providers of Internet Telephony solutions including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). More details available on the VoIP Telephone Systems page.

Visit the Netgear website

Netgear – Providers of IT Network Hardware.

Visit the Linux website

Linux – Open-source operating system currently used in Apple Mac Networks as an alternative to Windows.


We are a Microsoft Partner which means we have to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency and competence to Microsoft through practical experience and exams. This gives us direct access to Microsoft for technical support with products, not available to non-certified organisations or an individual engineer.

To maintain our status we also have to demonstrate ongoing study and have a minimum of qualified engineers with the right skill level.

You can read more about the value of Certifications on our recent blog article.
Follow the link to the P&L Blog to read more about Certifications