Indepth: Software Case Study – Riedel Crystal – Improving Efficiency

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Software Case Study - Improving Efficiency by Reducing PaperworkRiedel Crystal import glassware, largely from their Austrian parent company, and distribute it to clients in the UK.

Numerous spreadsheets were used to record customer orders, shipping/delivery information and payment details. Much of the data typed into the spreadsheets had to be duplicated, meaning that the whole process took considerable time and was very difficult to manage in practice. The company had, quite simply, outgrown their original systems.

P&L Software Solutions created a simple database application to handle this information. Each customer was given a file within the system, which eliminated the need to type in delivery addresses for every despatch and created the basis for mail shots and other marketing information.

Now data entry is both simplified and reduced in volume, valuable historical data (especially relating to orders) is held in an accessible form, and their shippers can be advised of requirements quickly and easily. Payment information is also held as are details of credit notes, which improves cash flow and financial control for both the business as a whole and individual customer credit records.

In addition, Riedel Crystal has a greatly reduced clerical time spent in entering data, improved accuracy and has a sound database of historical information.

Spreadsheets have many valuable uses, but sometimes they can be outgrown. When this happens, a simple database system can make a great impact on business effectiveness and efficiency.