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Changing Premises and Suppliers

Changing Premises and Suppliers - Indepth Article

Anyone on a monthly contract or who receives a regular statement on something will recognise the "ouch, that's expensive" feeling that can come with seeing the price of something. Everyone gets this from time to time – just look at what happens when you get an insurance renewal notice.

Switching suppliers can sometimes be seen as a solution to this, especially if they are genuinely too expensive or no longer meet your needs. Sometimes though, it may be a complete change of premises that's needed, either through expansion or moving to somewhere smaller or more suitable. We've highlighted some things to look at from a technology perspective if you plan on making any significant changes.

Contract to Pay-as-you-go

Maintenance contracts may feel expensive but remember that they mean an expert is on hand when you need them. With a Pay-as-you-go arrangement it's virtually guaranteed that you will get a slower, less prioritised and less comprehensive service from someone who won't know your systems well until they get to know you. Could you take the risk?

Switching Broadband Provider

When you change broadband, your line will go down for several days. No matter how well you try to co-ordinate it, you need contacts at all stages of the process who know what's happening and how to fix things. Unless you're an IT expert and broadband provider, don't try to do this yourself. Use an IT Support company who can co-ordinate it all, otherwise you may find yourself without internet and email access for much longer than necessary.

Switching Website Provider

Like changing your broadband provider, if you change the company who host your website you will lose your website for several days together with access to emails. You may also have to set up completely new email accounts and lose all historical data.

Again, don't try to do it yourself, use an expert or it could be a very costly mistake.

Do it Early

Really early. Just because it says in the literature that a company can transfer lines within 5 days, doesn't mean that yours will go that smoothly. For example, if you were moving premises and inherited existing phone lines you might assume that they were suitable for your broadband, but this could be very wrong, especially if you wanted to take advantage of a cloud computing application or the premises were not built to your precise requirements. You would then need to build in time for the installation of new, appropriate phone lines, which is very time-consuming.

Old or New Equipment

If your existing kit is old, you might want to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade to a new server, for example. However, if you do this you will need to allow sufficient time to procure, ship and set-up the equipment before the move can take place. If the existence of the kit is needed for other stages in the process (such as a telephone system or cabling), you'll need to allow sufficient time for this to take place.

Project Management

A change of supplier or premises can be a specialised project. Rather than trying to do it yourself, it might be cheaper and less time-consuming to use someone such as ourselves to manage it all for you. It will certainly be a lot less stressful at a time when you have other things to worry about.